waacking linz workshop hosts ditjona & timna


Waacking is a clubdance that originated in the underground black and latinx gay community in LA in the 1970s to disco and funk music. Striking arm movements, powerful poses, polyrhythms as well as social and party dances are integral parts of this expressive dance style. With its rich history in queer culture Waacking is a fascinating dance style that serves to express the music through your unique personality.

Would you like to dive into the world of WAACK PUNK POSE with us? Then join us in our free Waacking Workshop hosted by Ditjona & Timna from Waacking Linz. 🪩

waacking linz workshop hosts ditjona & timna

You can register via insta DM @waacking_linz or send an email to waacking.linz@gmail.com (registration is optional! but it helps, so please consider to text us that you will be coming)

DATE & TIME: Friday, 23rd of June, 2 – 4 pm
LOCATION:Jugendkulturbox Ann & Pat, Lederergasse 7 4020 Linz

hosted by ÖH an der FH Oberösterreich