Proxy Faces // DoppelGANger Agency is an Art Project evolved from internet discussions on reddit dealing with the potential of using algorithmic facial doubles in safeguarding privacy. We learned about the project when we bumped into MItra Azar on arts biennale festival on contemporary arts in the field of technology. collaborates with (non-profit organixatuon which works on empowering peoples’ control over their personal data) to provide algorithmic facial masks to protesters across the globe. These projects work on the development of advanced privacy using algorithmic facial images.

With the rise of facial recognition systems and the increasing availability of personal data online, the risk of unintentional or malicious exposure of an individual’s sexual orientation or gender identity has become a significant concern.

Through the agency of Mitra, we were handed over a specific number of the fmr festival’s edition of the masks to feature the DoppelGANger Agency’s project with LGBTIAQ+ demands on inclusion and many cases increased need of privacy protection.