LGBTQIA+ in the fight for a better world for all!

Together in solidarity, joyful and resistant. Let’s raise our voices, multiply our power and tell all those who want to silence and destroy us: you will have to go through us first!


Dykemarch became a platform for protest by lesbians in the early 1990s, to take the political demands of queer movements to the streets worldwide, alongside Pride. “Dyke” is a term established from the 20th century to devalue homosexual women. This was directed against their masculinity or supposed aggressive appearance, in any case their non-conformity with the social corset of heteronormativity. Dykemarch appropriates the term to claim our sexuality and identity as part of our self-determination and to be visible with it.


On Friday, June 23 at 6 p.m. at maiz – autonomous center of and for migrant women, Scharitzer Straße 6-8, 4020 Linz.

Join us on the streets! Let’s remove all the barriers that a heteronormative, binary, patriarchal, capitalist world wants to squeeze us into. We fight for a life in self-determination and without violence! Let’s be in solidarity as FLINTA – womenlesbian, inter, non-binary / non-conforming, trans* and agender! Let’s relate to each other and connect queerfeminism with an intersectional practice, be strong because we respect the many perspectives and experiences in our community, whether they are European citizens or migrants. We take to the streets together with our friends from countries with dictatorial regimes, in political or economic crises or war zones, who still aren’t safe here: Not safe from racism, exclusion, sexism and aggressive attacks. We demand protection and recognition, respect and a secure residence status, work and a safe place in our midst with them as well. We demand a practice of solidarity also in political work and the inclusion of those who do not have financial resources or an established network. We demand POWERSHARING instead of POWERPLAY. We demand queerfeminist politics from below, for all!


We use DYKE* as an empowering self-designation that includes ALL who find themselves in it. The feminist concept of definitional power demands consideration and attention to self-defined boundaries. It formed the basis for the emergence of the queerfeminist movement. We relate to each other, to our pasts, and in the here and now we will create a common future where we respect each other and stand in solidarity with each other!
Demonstrate with us this Friday, June 23rd at 6pm!

Artwork by Aban Salehi, rights reserved.

#زن -زندگی-آزادی