Clownesque Exercises // WORKSHOP (for free)

(workshop findet evtl draußen im innenhof statt // workshop will eventually be outside in the yard) inspired by the clandestine insurgent rebel clown armya gentle introduction or will it turn into a mega-overachiever-monster? we will see. don’t forget to breathe. and we are extremely excited to playfully explore our world together. to feel ourselves and […]

Collaging // WORKSHOP (for free)

Course description – Collage workshop (EN version below) Kursbeschreibung – Collagenworkshop Der Kurs ist für alle Menschen geeignet, die sich gerne kreativ betätigen möchten. Vorkenntnisse sind nicht notwendig. In einer Einführung erfahren die Teilnehmer Grundsätzliches über die Materialien, wie man Bildideen findet, was eine gute Bildkomposition ausmacht und wie Farben wirken. Wir erkunden, in welcher […]

writer's desk

Freies Schreiben // Creative Writing // WORKSHOP (for free)

In this workshop you can experience writing as a possibility of expressing your creativity and find a way of self reflection. It can help giving your thoughts and feelings a new perspective. With some impulses and ideas we are going to write short texts, stories or poems spontaneously. It’s not necessary to have any experiences […]

waacking linz workshop hosts ditjona & timna

Waacking Clubdance // WORKSHOP (for free)

Waacking is a clubdance that originated in the underground black and latinx gay community in LA in the 1970s to disco and funk music. Striking arm movements, powerful poses, polyrhythms as well as social and party dances are integral parts of this expressive dance style. With its rich history in queer culture Waacking is a […]

How to be an INTER* ally // WORKSHOP (for free)

You want to know, or already know what the I stands for in FLINTA or LGBTIQA+? You want to support the INTER* movement? But don’t know exactly how. In this workshop we will discuss more details of what kind of support is the best one. What is ok to talk about and at what point […]

"contact impro" by Doris Gutierrez

Contact Impro // WORKSHOP (for free)

WHAT IS CONTACT IMPROVISATION? Contact improvisation is a form of partner dance which involves the exploration of one’s body in relation to others by using the fundamentals of sharing weight, touch, lifts, and movement awareness. But how is this workshop going to be for us(not professional dancers)? We are going to practice trusting each other’s […]