Thank you!

Many thanks to all the supporters of this year’s Dykemarch and FLINTA*DAY in Linz. Without you all this would be nothing & with you the rally and flinta*day was a lot of fun. Your work in rally preparation, program curation, financial support, participation as artists, performers and DJs made the day an unforgettable experience for […]

Proxy Faces // DoppelGANger Agency is an Art Project evolved from internet discussions on reddit dealing with the potential of using algorithmic facial doubles in safeguarding privacy. We learned about the project when we bumped into MItra Azar on arts biennale festival on contemporary arts in the field of technology. collaborates with (non-profit organixatuon which works […]

Petition: Ban Intersex genital mutilation!

We demand a law for the protection of intersex children and adolescents! VIMÖ has started a petition to the departments of Health, Justice, Family and Youth of the Austrian government. Until today, intersex children and adolescents experience medical interventions that are neither self-determined nor necessary. Their bodies are surgically and hormonally altered from an early […]

unity - etehad - stencil from feminist woman life freedom movement

LGBTQIA+ community of Iran and Afghanistan Manifesto

This is a manifesto written by a group of members and activists of the LGBTIAQ+ community of Iranand Afghanistan, as well as queer feminist and trans feminist activists. The manifesto highlights the discrimination and systematic violence experienced by the LGBTIAQ+ community under the oppressive regime of the Islamic Republic, and stresses the need for their […]

LGBTQIA+ im Kampf für eine bessere Welt für alle!

Gemeinsam solidarisch, joyful und widerständig. Erheben wir unsere Stimmen, multiplizieren wir unsere Kraft und richten wir allen aus, die uns verstummen und zerstören wollen: ihr werdet über uns stolpern müssen!

LGBTQIA+ in the fight for a better world for all!

Together in solidarity, joyful and resistant. Let’s raise our voices, multiply our power and tell all those who want to silence and destroy us: you will have to go through us first!

mudaki, i-id and ronit as djs

PARTY 101 from 0.00 am

mʊdʌki, I-ID and RONIT: from melodic dubby tunes to techno and mind-bending acid.

Step into a queer party night, with an exceptional DJ LINEUP

waacking linz workshop hosts ditjona & timna

Waacking Clubdance

Waacking clubdance originated in the black and latinx gay community in LA in the 1970s. Striking arm movements, powerful poses, polyrhythms as well as social and party dances are integral parts of this expressive dance style.

How to be an INTER* ally // WORKSHOP

WHEN? 2 – 4.30 p.m.
WHERE? Willy*fred, Graben 3, 4020 Linz (1st Floor, no lift)

Clownesque Exercises // WORKSHOP

WHEN? 3 – 5 pm WHERE? Kunstuniversität Linz, Hauptplatz 6 Linz, Hörsaal c, h6, 05 stock 01 (8-18) -west

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